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Preparing for Big Data

Preparing to take advantage of the business value that big data can provide is going to be a multi-year process that takes place in several stages. Most of the new sources of data arriving under the banner of big data are fundamentally different than the type of data stored in most data warehouses.

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Agile Big Data

Agile Big Data is based on the lessons of business intelligence. Traditional Business intelligence, aka Enterprise BI, is powerful but hard to configure. Agile BI is a new class of BI that is easier for users to control and use on their own.


Everybody knows about IRS audits. Much less well understood are Oracle audits where the software behemoth comes into a company and – much as the IRS wields the proverbial fine-toothed comb to hunt for irregularities – Oracle uses its version of a fine-toothed comb to sift through a company’s software library and its licenses. Every piece of software is inspected, and so are the appropriate Oracle licenses and contracts.

I’m told by people who would know that Jeff Bezos thinks of Amazon as a software company, not a retailer or an e-commerce company.

How is your organization going to harness the power of mobile devices? In many ways, the answer to this question is a proxy for your approach to technology in general.

Creation of VMs from a golden image can be automated, but the requirements are not easy to discover.