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Oracle Says Forget about Benchmarks—Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Despite the overwhelming importance of data to business, too little attention is paid to benchmarks that demonstrate which databases and architectures are fastest. Here at CITO Research, we believe that companies, like Oracle, that dismiss third-party benchmarks may have an ulterior motive, and it’s not too difficult to guess: they’re losing.

From the standpoint of CIOs and CTOs who make technology buying decisions, third-party benchmarks provide audited validation of a vendor’s claims. Without such validation, we are left with unsubstantiated marketing claims, the equivalent of a battle of he-said she-said.

Given the importance of data to businesses of all sizes, independent hard data with which to make buying decisions is critical. In this paper, CITO Research presents findings from a recent Transaction Processing Council (TPC) benchmark, TPC-H.

Analytics and the Need for Speed at Scale

It can’t wait. Whether “it” is your customer or people on phones, if they must wait, they’ll find another product and you’ll be last month’s news. A person with a life-threatening illness can’t wait for a treatment plan; life hangs in the balance. If you can explore more data, analyze more data, and do it faster, you can make better decisions and provide better service. Speed is a sustainable competitive advantage.

Digitization, the IoT, web data, and customer social interactions are driving business data to terabyte scale. Real-time data forms the basis for new types of products. For example, WeFi, a pioneer in mobile network management, monitors WiFi hotspots and sells the data it aggregates to service providers, who can then expand or optimize delivery networks to provide the best possible user experience.

The need for speed in analytics at scale is incontrovertible. And given today’s rapidly expanding business data, you need proof that the solution you choose can process terabytes of data at very fast speeds before you set up your information architecture. That’s where benchmarks come in.

To learn more about benchmarks, check out the CITO Research brief: Oracle Says Forget about Benchmarks—Here’s Why You Shouldn’t