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Enterprise Cloud Architecture

Winston Damarillo is CEO of Morphlabs, a company dedicated to creating infrastructure for cloud computing platforms. As part of his research into the cloud, Damarillo has pointed out that it is harmful to your cloud architecture and an obstacle to success in the cloud if you make a distinction between the "private" and "public" cloud infrastructures.

This problem statement explores Damarillo's concept of enterprise cloud architecture, and his argument that "The Cloud is just the Cloud," and that, whether it is used privately or publicly, the cloud should be based on the same standards, so that companies can take advantage of the ability of the private cloud to be supplmented by the public cloud.

Context and Background

Damarillo, the founder of Gluecode and former head of Intel Capital, started Morphlabs in 2010. Morphlabs is dedicated to building a cloud infrastructure that is based on public cloud standards. Damarillo's argument is that if you are using the cloud in proprietary fashion, you are limiting your options for expanding the use of public cloud resources.

If you use private cloud infrastructure on proprietary standards, you eventually need to provision more resources than you have allotted for your private cloud infrastructure. When this happens, you will then have to use a public cloud infrastructure cloud to expand capacity.

If you have created your private cloud using proprietary standards, you will have to have different systems in place to manage and provision your private and public cloud systems.

Morphlabs' offering reflects Damarillo's approach: a platform that lets you build a private cloud computing environment and management system on public cloud standards, so that when it comes time to expand, you can provision those clouds and your management system at the same time. The idea is that the "public cloud" is the true essence of cloud computing, and harm will come to those who move away from public cloud standards.

Damarillo calls this concept "Enterprise Cloud Architecture."